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Cape Escape Tour – Cape Lookout & Sand Dollar Island

Quick Details

Adult- Ages 12 & Up
Child Ages 3-11
Infant Ages 2 and Under | Must be included for headcount

Cape Escape Island Excursion

Cape Escape is a 5 1/2 hour trip on Wednesdays & Thursdays. The first stop is Sand Dollar Island or Cape Lookout depending on the tide. Sand Dollar Island is a hidden sandbar that miraculously appears at low tide. Next is the renowned Cape Lookout Lighthouse.

On this island hopping excursion watch for Middle Marsh, Harkers Island, Shell Point, Bird Island, Morgan Island and Shackleford Banks! Keep eyes wide open for friends from the sea who might follow along; bottlenose dolphins are often seen swimming along the boat!

Enjoy refreshments and sandwiches provided for you. Spend the rest of the day savoring the sights and beachcombing for keepsake shells. 142 South Ferry Dock Road,Harkers Island, NC, 28531 FREE PARKING! 252-728-8687 * TIMES DEPEND ON THE TIDES!*

Scheduled around low tide for Sand Dollar Island and Cape Lookout. Some trips we go to Sand Dollar First and some days we go to Cape Lookout first.